Boleslawa Markowskiego High School of Commerce in Kielce

The mission of the WSH for the past 20 years is to provide high quality education in order to provide highly qualified personnel for the various levels of domestic safety, administration and management (including an international approach). This  requires the teaching process to promote community involvement and attitude of respect for the foundations of democracy and human rights, and good knowledge of law by the graduates. WSH provides also education through e-learning.

WSH for ten years organizes international conferences of a moving security issues, respect for democracy and human rights and the development of Eastern Europe.

Should also be emphasized that the WSH research and teaching staff in their publications repeatedly subjected analysis of the issues of civil society, promoted citizenship and respect for the principles of a democratic system i.e. “The Dilemmas of Democracy in the light of the economic theory of politics”, “Civil society - Regulation and reality”.