Universitaet Potsdam

The University of Potsdam was founded in 1991 and has developed from a small institution of higher education into one of the leading middle sized universities in Germany combining its own research capacities with non-university research institutes in the proximity. Five faculties form the pillars of the institution (incl. Law Faculty). Internationalization is a central priority and the international character of the University is underlined by the presence of a growing numbers of foreign students and guest professors. International cooperation has been carried out with most European countries and will expand to defined priority regions, among them being Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Latin America. Currently the university holds about 320 contracts under the ERASMUS Lifelong Learning Programme, more than 40 university partnerships and 10 faculty partnerships. The Law Faculty possesses experienced staff in the field of commercial law, alternative dispute resolution (incl. restorative justice).

UP is the project coordinator. Its main role concerns the entire project coordination and management. The objectives are to carry out the project on time and within the frames of the budget, to ensure quality and to maintain the oversight over the work packages.