Specific objectives of the project:

Directed on 2 cycles (Bologna) enhancing the quality and relevance of higher education in PC:

1. the development of syllabus for course on alternative dispute resolution; modernisation of syllabuses for relevant existing courses in PC universities;

2. structural and conceptual development of a new curriculum for Master's degree (oriented on practice) in economic law and ADR, in combination with a modern, focused on the European level of scientific supervision methods of teaching of master-students and teachers who have received training, supporting by educational and research materials, including components in foreign language, electronic media and e-learning, the implementation procedures for starting of Master in universities of BY (2) and UA (3). One of the important aims of the TRADIR Project will be to explore the possibilities to issue "double" or "joint" Master's degree.

Improvement of professional and pedagogical qualification of PC teachers and modernize teaching infrastructure.